Academic Integrity

Office of Student ConductAcademic Integrity

Please complete this form to report any instance of suspected academic dishonesty. This form must be submitted within 30 days (however, you are encouraged to submit soon after the discovery as possible) of the faculty member's discovery of the suspected academic dishonesty. Retain a copy for your records and a copy for your department chair. You will receive a copy after submitting the form via email.
You will have a chance to review this form. By choosing "Submit" on the review page, you will send this form to the Office of Student Conduct in the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students office.
The Office of Student Conduct will contact the student about the allegation upon receiving the complete form.

*If you are submitting a report involving multiple students/group chat etc...please upload your roster and submit a report for each student with the relevant evidence. Please contact ICIT for assistance in identifying the students if you are unable to confirm identification based on the evidence you have prior to submitting a formal report.

Please contact ICIT at if you have trouble uploading or submitting the form or do not receive a "successful submission" email upon submitting your report.