CampusReel Content Creator Interest Form

CRMCampusReel Content Creator Interest Form

What is CampusReel?
CampusReel is an online content creators program that is all about college life and authentic student videos.

Who can be a CampusReel Creator?
This one is easy - ANYONE! We are looking for creative Hunter students who want to document their daily life on campus. You can highlight your commute, your favorite class, or your favorite study spot on campus, or just your hangout time with friends. Check out Day in a life with Rachel or Why I chose Hunter with Bridgette to get a glimpse at some examples.

Do I need to know how to edit videos to be a CampusReel creator?
Nope! CampusReel will give you some basic guidelines on how to record your short videos and will allow you to upload them into your account - that is all! The editing, and splicing, and other behind the scenes work will be done by CampusReel. You get to be the content creator, the platform will get to do the heavy lifting.

How much time with this take?
Time commitment is 20-30 minutes a week. You'd simply need to record yourself doing all the cool stuff and upload the videos, that is all.