Sexual Misconduct Allegation Form

Diversity & ComplianceSexual Misconduct Allegation Form

This form is to be used to file a complaint of sexual misconduct. You may use this form to report any incidents of sexual misconduct including Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Voyuerim, Harassment based on sexual orientation, gender, gender expression and gender identity. If you have additional complaints you may indicate that in the "Questions and Additional Concerns'" section at the end of this form.

All forms are submitted to the Title IX Team and reviewed by team members, including the Title IX Coordinator and Title IX Deputy Coordinators. Information in this form will remain private and only shared on a strict need to know basis for purposes of supportive measures and/or investigations.

*Information provided in this form is not confidential. If you would like to speak to a confidential resource you can go to Counseling and Wellness or Pastoral Counselors on campus, if you are an employee you may use the CUNY Work/Life Assistance Program.