Off-Campus Research Activity

Office of Faculty ResearchOff-Campus Research Activity

This form is used to certify research activity that takes place outside of Hunter College in a place such as a Hospital or Office Building where the target location has it's own COVID Response Plan.

This form will allow you to prepare for the safe return of human research when the college is certified to do so.

Hunter College is required to follow all guidance from Federal, State, City and CUNY entities for the safe return to campus.

The objectives of this plan are:
1. Facilitate safe and orderly restoration of Hunter College laboratory operations.
2. Minimize potential transmission of COVID-19.
3. Restore scientific research to full capacity as soon as possible.
4. This outlines the steps for Human participants and research that takes place off-site.

CUNY Policy is that all work that can be done from home, should be done from home. Please use this form to register research activities that take place in locations outside of 68th Street and Brookdale Campuses.